Koko from Chuggington

Koko from CBeebies Chuggington

Koko is the Green engine. Koko is the female Trainee in Chuggington. She is fastest electric engine of all the trainees. Koko is courageous, an extrovert, bold and certain. Koko represents “girl power” within the Chuggington Trainees.

Learning Curve Diecast Chuggington Koko

Chuggington Brewster Products

We has a massive selection of products featuring Koko from Chuggington.

Chuggington Interactive Koko: Learning Curve Chuggington Interactive Koko

Learning Curve Diecast Chuggington Soap Suds Koko

Chuggington Brewster Books

We has a massive selection of books featuring Koko from Chuggington.

Chuggington Storybook: Koko and the Tunnel

Chuggington Storybook: Koko and the Tunnel

Chuggington Storybook: Koko on Call:

Koko on Call (Chuggington)

Chuggington” Storybook: Can’t Catch Koko

Chuggington Storybook: Can't Catch Koko

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What is Chuggington ?

Chuggington are endearing characters from BBC CBeebies programme Chuggington. Set in the fictional town of Chuggington, the series shows the adventures of three trainee locomotives, the “Trainees”, called Brewster, Wilson and Koko.

Other Koko from Chuggington products are available here:

For more Chuggington information, please visit our main Chuggington page :  http://www.partywares.co.uk/2011/02/chuggington/

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