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Who are The Tweenies ?

The Tweenies are lovable puppets children on the BBC programme The Tweenies.

The Tweenies was originally broadcast in 1999, when my son was 3 and my daughter was a baby. It fast became their favourite programme and we once travelled from Scotland to Newcastle to watch the Tweenies live stage. We also saw the Tweenies twice at Alton Towers.

The show is still shown each day on BBC2 and CBeebies and is very popular amongst the 3 to 6 year old child group. There are Five main Tweenies characters Bella, Fizz, Milo and Jake and Doodles the dog. There is also Judy and Max.

 The Tweenies is set in a nursery where the Tweenie children (Fizz, Milo, Bella and Jake are cared for by Max and Judy. The Tweenies are always singing songs and making things to play with. Max and Judy read stories to the Tweenies

There is a clock on the show. The Tweenie clock it is pressed every day. “Where will it stop, the Tweenie clock”. The Tweenies also have Messy time, Story time, Songtime and Tele time

The Tweenies Theme Tune

Hey hey, are you ready to play?
Its time to come and play with the tweenies
Hey hey, what do you say?
Come along and play with the tweenies
You sing with us Play games with us
You can run about a jump and shout!
Dance with us,
Take a chance with us
It’s OK, what do you say everyday
Come and Play!

Tweenies Theme Tune

The main The Tweenies Characters

The main characters in The Tweenies are:

Mylo Tweenies Milo
Jake Tweenies Jake
Fizz Tweenies Fizz
Bella Tweenies Bella
Doodles the Dog Tweenies - Doodles Bean Toy

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The Tweenies Links

IMDB page for The Tweenies:

Official The Tweenies website:

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The Tweenies Reviews

STV The Tweenies Interview:

The Guardian The Tweenies Review

The Tweenies on Total Film:

Large collection of official clips of The Tweenies. Watch The Tweenies online here:

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