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Who is Pingu ?

Pingu is a little mischievous penguin who in an igloo Antarctica with his Dad, Mum and little sister who is called Pinga.

Small Talking Pingu Bean Toy

Pingu gets in to mischief and goes on adventure with his best friend Robby the Seal.

All of the characters in Pingu talk and communicate with each other in a special penguin language which uses honking sounds and noises. Since Pingu has no formal human language, it means it is very easy for young children to understand the stories. This has made Pingu a worldwide success and the shows are broadcast in over 140 countries.

The main Pingu Characters

The main characters in Pingu are:

Pingu. His beak can change in to megaphone if he is happy, angry our just trying to get attention. Pingu can even increase his height and can change in to a ball.

Small Talking Pingu Bean Toy

Robby ‘Rotton’ The Seal is Pingu’s best friend.

Pinga is Pingu’s baby sister.

Mother & Father are Pingu’s  Mum and Dad

Grandfather is the grandfather of Pingu & Pinga’s  and the Father of Pingu’s father.

Grandmother is Grandmother of Pingu & Pinga’s and is the Mother of Pingu’s father.

Pingo is Pingu’s friend.

Ping is another friend of Pingu.

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Pingu Books

Hello Pingu and Other Stories Pingu the Little Penguin: Flap Book Pingu: Bouncy Fun Pingu and the New Baby Pingu Goes to Playgroup Pingu the Doctor

Pingu Links

IMDB page for Pingu:

Official Pingu website:

BBC Official Pingu Website:

Pingu Reviews

STV Pingu Interview:

The Guardian Pingu Review

Pingu on Total Film:

Large collection of official clips of Pingu. Watch Pingu online here

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