The Fimbles

The Fimbles

A large collection of Fimbles products including party plates, party supplies, soundtrack, song and promotional videos with rapid online ordering. Yout one stop location for all your Fimbles needs.

What are the Fimbles ?

Fimbo, Florrie and Pom are the Fimbles. The bird is called Bessie, the frog is called Rockit and the tiny ball of fluff is Ribble.

The Fimbles live in Fimble Valley.  The Fimbles are great at finding things. One of the Fimbles finds something different in each episode. The things they find might be a physical item such as a key, seashell or button, or they might be something found in nature like rain, wind, fog or sunshine or it could be something lieke a sound, colour or number. When there is something waiting to be found, the Fimbles get a special fimbling feeling.

Their fingers twinkle, their noses wrinkle and their topknots twitch as they get closer to the thing which is waiting to be found.

Fimbles Party Products

A large line up of Fimbles Products is available here with easy online ordering.

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Fimbles Party Supplies

A full range of Fimbles party goods, including plates, cups, napkins and tablecloths will be available here soon,in the meantime we suggest the following items of partywares.

 Fimbles Party Soundtrack

The Fimbles soundtrack is available here at a fantastic price.

Fimbles MP3 song

Fimbles DVDs

We have a large collection of the Fimbles DVDs at bargain prices.

Fimbles – The Best Of Fimbles DVD

Fimbles - The Best Of Fimbles [DVD]

Fimbles – Let’s Find The Fimbles DVD

Fimbles - Let's Find The Fimbles [DVD] [2002]

Glitter, Stars And Sparkly Things The Fimbles DVD

Fimbles - Glitter, Stars And Sparkly Things [DVD] [2002]

Fimbles – Pom! Pom! DVD

Fimbles - Pom! Pom! [DVD]

Fimbles – Fun As Fun Can Be DVD

Fimbles - Fun As Fun Can Be [DVD]

The Fimbles Links    

IMDB page for Fimbles:

Official Fimbles website: Novel Entertainments Official Fimbles Site

BBC Official Fimbles Website: BBC Official Fimbles Site

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Fimbles Reviews

STV Fimbles Interview:

The Guardian Fimbles Review

Fimbles on Total Film:

Large collection of official clips of the Fimbles. Watch Fimbles online here

The Fimbles Products

Here is the largest selection of products for The Fimbles.

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