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Chuggington Party Products

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What is Chuggington ?

Chuggington are endearing characters from BBC CBeebies programme Chuggington. Set in the fictional town of Chuggington, the series shows the adventures of three trainee locomotives, the “Trainees”, called Brewster, Wilson and Koko.

The main Chuggington Characters

The main characters in Chuggington are:

Wilson Learning Curve Diecast Chuggington Wilson

Brewster Learning Curve Diecast Chuggington Brewster

Calley CHUGGINGTON Wooden Railway Calley

Koko Learning Curve Diecast Chuggington Koko

Puffer Pete Learning Curve Diecast Chuggington Puffer Pete

Chuggington Party Supplies

A massive collection of Chuggington party goods, including party plates, party bags, cups, napkins and tablecloths at discount prices is available here. Full range of partywares items.

Chuggington - Action Stations [DVD]

Chuggington Movies and DVDs

We have a large collection of Chuggington Movies and DVDs at bargain prices.

Chuggington – Let’s Ride The Rails

Chuggington - Let's Ride The Rails [DVD]

Action Stations

Chuggington - Action Stations [DVD]

Chuggers on SafariChuggington - Chuggers on Safari [DVD]
Wheels To The Rails

Chuggington - Wheels To The Rails [DVD] [2009]

That’s the TicketChuggington - That's the Ticket [DVD] It’s Training TimeChuggington - It's Training Time [DVD]

Traintastic Crew

Chuggington - Traintastic Crew [DVD]



Chuggington Books

We have a massive selection of Chuggington Books at fantastic, discount prices.

Chuggington Duvets and PJs

Chuggington Traintastic Panel Duvet Bedding Set, Single 
Character World Chuggington Traintastic Panel Duvet Set, Single

Chuggington Official Short Pyjamas

Chuggington Official Short Pyjamas by ThePyjamaFactory

Chuggington Official Long Pyjamas

Chuggington Official Long Pyjamas by ThePyjamaFactory

Chuggington Soundtrack MP3

Chuggington MP3 song:

Chuggington Links

Official Chuggington website: Click Here

BBC Official Chuggington Website: Click Here

IMDB page for Chuggington: Click Here

Chuggington Products

Here is a fantastic selection of other products for Chuggington at bargain prices.

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