Bill & Ben

When we were young, a favourite programme for us was Bill and Ben, the flower pot men.  It’s now been updated and a new generation of kids are enjoying the show.

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So what is the main differenec between the old series of Bill and Ben and the new one? Well the original Bill and Ben programmes used puppets with strings and the were in black and white and looked like the picture below:


Animators used stop-motion techniques to bring the flowerpot men to life for a new generation of children, with not a string in sight!

The new series is full of new characters including a talking tomato called Ketchup, a magpie called Pry, Whoops the worm, Whimsy the spider and Slowcoach the tortoise.

If you are looking for more information on Bill & Ben,  the flower pot men, please try following sites: or

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